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Blackjack Tournament!

June 7 to 9,  2013






Kewadin Sault Ste. Marie Casino

September 25-26,  2015


The Sault Ste. Marie Casino will be hosting a Blackjack tournament. On Friday September 25, 2015 Tournament packages will be available between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm at the tournament reception.



The entry fee to enter into the Tournament is $200 per registered player and includes the following:


·          a seat in the tournament,

·          a tournament gift,

·          3-$10 Match play coupons with four hours of consecutive live table  play or 200 earned points on your Northern Rewards card during the tournament weekend,

·          two-coupons good for $7 off any meal check .

·          a Friday night Dinner reception from (5-7pm).


There is a $200 entry fee if a player does not want a hotel room. The entry fee includes: a seat in the tournament and a tournament gift.


The prize pool will be seeded at $200 per registered player  and pays 7 places.


Call Ron @ 1-800-kewadin ext: 54958 or direct to (906) 635-4958. Have your Northern Rewards card available when registering Credit card or Check.  Credit cards are charged at the time of registration.


All registered players will receive an entry slip for a chance to win one free entry into our next Blackjack tournament.




Blackjack Blowout Rules



1. Participants are required to wear their tournament badge during tournament play and to redeem all coupons.

2. Prior to starting there is a dealer buy in $5 for $500 in tournament chips

3. All rounds will consist of 42 hands.

4. Table limits are $50 - $500, a minimum bet must be placed every hand.

5. A chip count will occur after the 35th hand.

6. All participants will receive $2,000 in non-negotiable tournament chips at the beginning of each round.

7. Participants must meet required minimum bet on each hand.

8. Preliminary rounds will begin Saturday morning. There will be five to seven players per table, depending on the number of participants.

9. Preliminary round advancement will be determined by chip count with 2 participants from each table advancing to the Quarter-final round.

10. The Quarter-final round will begin Sunday morning with 2 participants from each table advancing to the semi-final round. On the semi-final round 1 participant with the highest chip count per table will advance and one high chip count between all 6 tables will advance to the final table.

11. There will be a 15-minute break after the completion of the semi-final with the Final round immediately following.

12. Any ties will be determined by a five-hand playoff.

13. A contestant running out of chips or unable to meet the table minimum will be eliminated.

14. There will be one drawing on Saturday afternoon for one free entry into a Blackjack Blowout, redeemable at the casino where it was won.

15. All decisions by tournament officials are final.





Once a customer is eliminated from the preliminary round, they may re-enter into an additional second chance round. Registration for the second chance will be taken immediately following the elimination from the preliminary round. The cost for the re-entry is $100. Re-entry round will consist of 21 hands with $1000 in non- negotiable tournament chips. The number of participants advancing to the quarter-final from the re-entry rounds will be determined by the total number of re-entries. Play will occur immediately following the last preliminary round.




House rules and procedures apply unless specified below.


1. Blackjack pays 2 to 1.

2. Insurance is not offered. Surrender may be taken only when the dealer shows an ace. If you ask to surrender, the dealer will take away half of the original wager and remove the cards from play.

3. Betting must be done in $10 increments only.

4. Betting will rotate in turn. Wagers cannot be altered once they are placed.

5. Participants may double down for less, but cannot be below the required minimum.

6. Double down card will be dealt face up.

7. If splitting aces you only get one card and you may double down.


Seeded Prize Pool

1st Place 30%, 2nd Place 25%, 3rd Place 20%, 4th Place 10%,

5th - 7th Place 5%

All Tournaments are subject to cancellation at Management’s discretion.

 All rules are subject to change after the review and approval of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of

 Chippewa Indians Gaming Commission.

 Employees are not eligible

 Must be 19 years of age or older to participate.



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